Boost Ads

Setting Up Boost Ads Well

How do I get started?

You can set up your Boost Ads from "My Products" or "Shopee Ads" page (on Seller Centre or Shopee app) in 3 simple steps:

1. Select products to advertise (optional)

If you're setting up your campaign on "Shopee Ads" page:

  1. Choose "Auto Select" under "Product Selection Settings" for Shopee to automatically select your highest potential products to advertise*

  1. Only products that meet these conditions are eligible for Auto Boost: (i) Status is normal (e.g the listing is not banned or frozen), (ii) Has available stock, and (iii) No ongoing Search or Discovery Ad

  1. Choose "Manual Select" under "Product Selection Settings" if you want to manually choose the products to advertise: 
  2. Click "+" to add the products you want to advertise using the product selector

If you're setting up your ads from "My Products" page, simply click "Boost" on the products you want to promote.

2. Set the budget and time length for your ads

Your ads will run until your 

  1. Budget runs out
  2. Ads credit run out
  3. Ad duration comes to an end

After you have set your budget and duration and selected your products, you will see a predicted Total Estimated Orders for the campaign (actual orders may vary from the estimate).

3. Top up your ads credit to run your Boost Ads

You will be prompted to top up if you have insufficient ads credit to run your ads for the chosen campaign time length.


  1. This feature is still in beta mode, and only available to selected sellers; as such, some sellers may see slightly different versions of the feature for a short period of time

How do I choose the right products for Boost Ads?

If you are unsure of how to choose the right products, simply choose "Auto Select" under "Product Selection Settings". Shopee will automatically select the highest potential products based on our data .

  1. Note that you can only choose this setting from the Shopee Ads page on Seller Centre

If you want to manually choose products to advertise, it is important to select the right products based on your business goals:

  1. Grow sales 

Focus on your bestsellers with high monthly sales and products with great sales potential, such as promotional products.

  1. Boost profit

Focus on products that sell well, especially those with high organic profit margin.

  1. Increase exposure of new products

Choose new products to boost their exposure and test their market potential.


  1. When selecting products to advertise on "Shopee Ads" page, if you like to grow your sales, choose products with "thumbs up" icon on the product selector as they have high sales and conversion rates. 

What budget and time length should I set?

  1. Set "No Limit" for your budget and time length if you want your campaign to have sustained exposure 
  2. Set a daily budget or total budget if you want to control your ads expense  
  3. Set a start and end date if you want your ads to be displayed for a selected period of time only (e.g. during campaign seasons)
  4. For best results, allow at least 4 weeks for your Auto Boost campaign to run (i.e. 2 weeks for Auto Boost algorithm to optimise your ads and an additional 2 weeks for your ads to generate sales optimally)


  1. If you're selecting your products to advertise manually and are unsure of how to set your budget or time length, simply select the Boost Package with the pre-set budget and time length. 
  2. The budget per product has been calculated for you to ensure sufficient ads credit for your promotion to run for 7 or 14 days.
  3. We recommend that you choose the 14-day package to allow more time for your Boost Ads to scale up your exposure and sales.

Please note that your Boost Ads promotion will continue running until one of the following occurs:

  1. Budget runs out.
  2. Ads duration comes to an end.
  3. Ads credit runs out. 

How do I set up and modify Boost Ads step by step?

Please refer to the user guide

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