Boost Ads

Reviewing and Optimising Boost Ads

How do I review my Boost Ads performance?

You can review your Boost Ads performance on "My Products" or "Shopee Ads" page (via Seller Centre on desktop or via Shopee app). 

If you're reviewing your Boost Ads performance on "My Products" page:

  1. Click on "Boosting”or "Boost Details" to view the performance of your Boost campaign.

2. Click on "Go to Shopee Ads" if you like to view more performance metrics, or easily view performance of all your Boost campaigns or export performance data.

If you're reviewing your Boost Ads performance on "Shopee Ads" page:

  1. Click on the "Boost Ads" tab on the Shopee Ads homepage.
  2. View the "Boost Ads Statistics" dashboard to see the combined performance of all your Boost Ads campaigns. 
  3. Click on each Boost Ads campaign to see its detailed performance.

a. If you have set up an Auto Boost campaign, you can find it at the top of the list under “Boost Ads List”

b. Click on the Auto Boost campaign to view its detailed performance

i. The top 20 best performing ads (i.e. by orders and impressions) will be listed for you to view in the Ad Detail Page


  1. If you would like to understand the definition of each performance metric, please click here.

How should I optimise my Boost Ads?

Sit back and relax. You do not need to optimise your Boost Ads, because Shopee automatically optimises your Boost Ads using a smart algorithm. 

  1. Shopee's algorithm will determine where your ads are shown, as well as make adjustments to the bid prices of your Boost Ads to increase exposure and maximise sales.

If you have set up an Auto Boost campaign, Shopee will also optimise the selection of which products to create Boost Ads for, in order to achieve the best results. 

  1. Auto Boost uses Shopee's data to choose your highest potential products (e.g. products associated with popular searches, or those predicted to have good ROAS) 
  2. During the 2-week optimisation process, ads that perform poorly will be automatically paused
  3. Auto Boost will then create ads for other high potential products, and optimise them over 2 weeks as well
  4. Ads that are fully optimised will continue running to effectively generate sales


  1. For Boost Ads that have achieved your business outcomes:
  2. Set the ad's duration to "No Limit" to ensure sustained ad exposure
  3. Increase your ad's budget (e.g. double or triple the daily budget)
  4. Top up regularly or turn on Auto Top-Up to ensure you have sufficient ads credit to run your campaigns
  5. For more details on how to prepare for major campaign periods, click here
  6. If you have set up an Auto Boost campaign, allow it to run for at least 4 weeks (i.e. 2 weeks for Auto Boost algorithm to optimise your ads and additional 2 weeks for your ads to generate sales optimally)
  7. Do not make major changes to its budget in the first 2 weeks

What should I do if I like to manually optimise my ads?

If you're an advanced user who prefers greater control of your ad settings, consider setting up Product Search Ads and Discovery Ads for your products instead. 

  1. With Product Search Ads, you can select keywords under which your ads will display and manage their bidding. 
  2. With Discovery Ads, you can select where you want to display your ads to relevant shoppers (e.g. on Shopee's homepage or relevant product detail pages) and manage your ad's bidding.
  3. With Boost Ads, Shopee automatically sets up Product Search Ads and Discovery Ads, and optimises them for you. As such, you will not be able to manually optimise their ad settings (except for your ad's budget and duration).

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