Display Ads

Display Ads Introduction

With Display Ads, you can reserve guaranteed impressions on Shopee's homepage banner carousel to drive mass awareness for your campaigns. 

Why should I use Display Ads?

  1. Boost brand visibility

Showcase your brand & products in one of Shopee's highest-traffic sections on the app and website with visually eye-catching creatives.

  1. Fuss-free cost control

Pay by cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), and cap your spend easily with our budget settings. 

  1. Engage interested shoppers

Display your products to shoppers interested in your shop or similar products, to influence sales.

Where will my Display Ads appear?

Your Display Ads will appear on the Homepage banner carousel at the top of Homepage, in slots #9, #10, #12 or #13*. 

Who is be able to use Display Ads?

Display Ads is open to Mall sellers only**. 

How do I get started?

1. Check if Display Ads is an available option in Seller Centre

Display Ads is currently only open to whitelisted Mall sellers.

  1. If you are a Mall seller, you may reach out to your account manager and request to be whitelisted.
  2. Other non-Mall sellers will be notified when Display Ads are available to you.

2. Submit your billing information to Shopee

Billing information is required to complete your campaign booking. You can reach out to your account manager to check if your billing information has been registered.

If you have yet to provide Shopee with your billing information, you may fill up this form or contact your account manager. Please allow up to 5 working days for your billing information to be updated in the system. 

3. Create your Display Ads campaign

  1. Select your preferred billing company name, address and email

Shopee will use your selected billing details for invoice generation.

  1. Input your campaign name, duration and budget

Your ad will run until either (i) your budget has been used up, or (ii) your ad duration has ended, whichever is earlier. 

  1. Select your campaign audience

Choose to show your ad to a mass audience, automatically selected high potential shoppers or a customised audience with demographic (gender, age) and category options.

Based on campaign budget, duration and audience settings, you will be given a Fixed CPM quotation, estimated impressions, and estimated expense (before tax). A premium rate will be applied if you select "Custom Targeting" or“Auto Targeting”.

Note that impressions and expense figures are projections and may be different from actual delivery.

  1. Upload your creatives and select banner landing page

Use a creative that is visually appealing and compliant with Shopee guidelines. You may redirect shoppers to your shop homepage (default setting), product detail page, or a campaign page.

How will I be charged?

You can view the projected cost (excluding tax) of your Display Ads on the Shopee Ads page in Seller Centre. This projected cost is calculated based on the selected duration, budget settings and audience settings when you make a campaign booking. 

On the billing date, Shopee will send a monthly invoice containing the actual cost (including tax) of your Display Ads via email. This actual cost is calculated based on the Fixed CPM quoted when you created your booking, and the number of banner impressions delivered during your campaign. You may make payment offline by following the instructions provided in your invoice^. 


* Shopee reserves the right to change the slot location throughout the campaign.

** Display Ads is available only to selected Mall sellers.

  1. Mall sellers who would like to be whitelisted can reach out to your account manager.
  2. Non-Mall sellers will be notified when Display Ads becomes available progressively.

^ CPC Ads Credit (for Search & Discovery Ads) cannot be used to pay for Display Ads.

Display Ads is available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Brazil.

Last updated: 26 Feb 24

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