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What is ROAS Target Feature?

ROAS Target is a feature available for Auto Selected Keywords under Product Search Ads.

There are two main options: 

  1. Let Shopee set the optimal ROAs target based on the selected products

  1. Select or customise your own ROAS Target 

Shopee will recommend 3 ROAS Target values for different use cases:

  1. Lower Recommended ROAS Target: selecting this will allow our system to gain the most competitive results, targeting towards delivering as many impressions as possible for your product ads

  1. Optimal Recommended ROAS Target: selecting this will optimise performance towards a balanced Ads Spend usage rate, and advertises your product campaigns to Shoppers who are more likely to purchase your product

  1. Higher Recommended ROAS Target: for more conservative Advertisers, we recommend setting this value to better control Ads Spend. However, this may mean your ad will not deliver and generate as many impressions and your Daily Budget might not get maximised and you may stand to lose quality Shopper impressions

  1. Customise your own ROAS Target: for sellers that prefer to set your own ROAS target  

Why should I use ROAS Target?

  1. With ROAS Target, you can gain more control over how your budget is optimised for Auto Selected Keywords
  2. Setting a ROAS Target will enable Auto Selected Keywords to automatically select and bid on keywords that will potentially achieve an ROAS value that is closest to your target
  3. Auto Selected Keywords with ROAS Target set up will continuously optimise your ad as the system gains more historical performance, and is likely to perform closer to your set target over a longer period of time

How do I set ROAS Target?

You may set ROAS Targets for your product campaigns by creating a new Product Search Ad with Auto Selected Keywords or navigating to the Product Search Ad Details page for a specific product:

Setting ROAS Target for a New Product Search Ads

  1. From Shopee Ads Homepage, navigate to create a new Ad and select Search Ads
  2. After completing the Basic Settings and selecting a product, the ROAS Target feature will be available. 
  3. Please ensure that they Auto Selected Keywords toggle is turned on to access this feature

Setting ROAS Target for an Existing Product Search Ads

  1. From Shopee Ads Homepage, navigate to the Product Search Ad and click on it to enter the Product Search Ad Details page
  2. Ensure that the Auto Selected Keywords toggle is turned on, and the ROAS Target feature will be available
  3. For products with previous historical Ads performance, you should check your historical ROAS performance as a benchmark to set your ROAS Target goals

How to monitor and optimise Target ROAS Performance?

  1. During the initial phase, you may expect to see some performance fluctuations as the system is learning to optimise towards your ROAS Target value during this period
  2. We strongly recommend that you do not edit this value during this time (at least 14 days) to allow our system to complete its optimisation
  3. Once the performance has stabilised, it is recommended to monitor performance and update the ROAS Target every month for best optimisation practice 
  4. ROAS Target is not guaranteed, and should be different depending on the product campaign


  1. For sellers that had been whitelisted for the previous Target ROI feature under auto-selected feature, your settings will be migrated from 16 October 2023
  2. This feature is currently in Beta mode and not available to all users yet

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