Discovery Ads

Discovery‌ ‌Ads‌ ‌Introduction‌

Improve your product exposure and sales using Discovery Ads. They appear in locations where Shopee recommends products:

  1. Daily Discover on the homepage in Shopee games (e.g. Shopee Farm, Shopee Candy)
  2. You May Also Like on the product detail, purchase-related and order-related pages

Why should I use Discovery Ads?

  1. Boost exposure

Display your products at highly visible positions, such as Daily Discover on the homepage and in Shopee games, and You May Also Like on the product detail, purchase-related and order-related pages.

Using both Discovery Ads and Product Search Ads, you can display your products in Shopee's most prominent locations.

  1. Grow sales

Reach relevant shoppers who are looking for products that are similar or complementary to yours. 

  1. Control spending

Control how much you spend by setting your preferred budget and cost-per-click bid price. 

How do I get started?

1.Choose the products you want to advertise

Before you start, make sure that your product title, pictures and descriptions are updated.

Choose products with the 'thumbs up' icon in the product selector. These items are recommended for ads as they have high sales and conversion rates.

2. Set your budget and duration for the ad

Your ad will run until one of the following occurs

  1. Budget runs out
  2. Ads Credit runs out
  3. Ad duration comes to an end

For more tips on using Discovery Ads, read How to Use Discovery Ads Right.

How will I be charged?

You will only be charged when shoppers click on your ads. The cost will be deducted from your Ads Credit.

To protect sellers, the Shopee system auto-detects invalid clicks, such as repeated clicks from the same shopper or automated clicks. You will not be charged for such clicks.

How are my ads shown to shoppers?

As multiple sellers advertise with Discovery Ads, your ad will compete with other ads for exposure. 

Your ad rank is the order of your ad relative to other ads. For example, an ad rank of "1" means your ad is the first ad shown. A smaller ad rank means a better ad position, i.e. your ad is shown ahead of other ads (i.e. ad rank of “3” is better than “10”).

Your ad rank is determined by 2 factors:

  1. Bid price which is the highest price you will pay for an ad click.
  2. The actual price charged is often less than your bid price, as the system calculates the minimum cost-per-click required for your ad to be displayed ahead of the ad ranked immediately below yours.
  3. You can set your bid price, or you can let Shopee set and optimise the bid price for your ad to drive a healthy Return on Investment by choosing "Auto Optimisation".
  4. Ad quality, which is determined by your ad's expected Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and expected Conversion Rate (CR)
  5. CTR is the number of clicks on your ad divided by the number of times your ad is shown to shoppers 
  6. CR measures the number of sales conversion for the advertised product divided by the number of clicks on its ad 
  7. Your ad's expected CTR and CR are higher if the advertised product has:
  8. Attractive pictures, relevant titles and compelling product description
  9. Positive reviews, good product ratings and high "sold" count 
  10. Competitive price or other ongoing promotions such as cashback vouchers, discounted price or free shipping

Your ad rank will be impacted by both factors simultaneously, i.e. both your bid price and ad quality relative to other ads.

  1. A higher bid price or ad quality can contribute towards a better ad position (i.e. your ad is shown ahead of other ads) 

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