The new and improved Shopee Ads on Seller Centre has arrived

The new and improved Shopee Ads on Seller Centre has arrived

We have heard your feedback and are excited to share the new Shopee Ads on Seller Centre, with key improvements to enhance your ad management experience!

You can now see the performance of all your ads in one place

  1. View the combined performance of all your ads under the new "All Ads" section.
  2. You can still see only Search Ads or Discovery Ads performance by clicking "Search Ads" or "Discovery Ads"
  3. Display up to 4 metrics at once in the improved time trend chart. Simply click on the metric cards to see them in the chart.

Key action buttons are now grouped at the top of the page for your convenience 

  1. Find your ads credit balance, the buttons to top up and to view your transaction history at the top of the page (previously in the left bar) 
  2. The button to "Create New Ads" is also now at the top of the page

More detailed ad performance and useful information are now at your fingertips

  1. Click "Export Data" to download ad performance data broken down to the keyword level (for Search Ads) and placement level (for Discovery Ads)
  2. Learn useful tips to manage and optimise your ads when you click on the article links at the bottom of the page

You can better monitor and optimise each ad with these new metrics

  1. Conversions - This measures the number of unique items sold in each order, for the advertised product and other products from your shop, within 7 days of an ad click. 
  2. Conversion Rate - This measures the number of conversions vs. the number of ad clicks
  3. Cost Per Conversion - This measures the average cost per conversion by dividing the total ads expense for your ad by the number of conversions
  4. Orders - This metric was re-launched on 24 June 2021 to track the number of orders generated by your ads, and can now be used to calculate Shopee Ads' contribution to your shop's total orders.
  5. Please note that data for Orders is only available from 24 June 2021 onwards
  6. For the full list of metric definitions, please click here

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