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Shopee Ads Restrictions

Shopee wants to support a healthy digital advertising ecosystem that is trustworthy and safe for shoppers and sellers.

To ensure a safe and positive experience for all users, Shopee restricts the promotion of listings that are:

  1. Unsafe, insensitive or untrustworthy to users 
  2. Unlawful to advertise given the local regulations

There are 3 categories of listings that either cannot be advertised on Shopee, or can only be advertised with restrictions:

1. Unlawful Content

Unlawful content refers to all listings that cannot be advertised due to local regulations, such as products in these categories:

  1. Stage 1 and 2 Infant Formula

2. Restricted Content 

Restricted content refers to all listings that are unlawful or culturally inappropriate to advertise, and can only be promoted with certain restrictions. 

This includes products belonging to adult categories (such as Condoms, Sex Toys, Beer & Cider, Liquor & Spirits), which have the following advertising restrictions:

  1. For Search Ads
  2. Some adult categories can only be promoted using selected keywords on Exact Match only 
  3. For Discovery Ads
  4. All adult categories cannot be promoted 

3. Content with Listing Issues

All listings with listing issues are deemed to be unsafe or untrustworthy, making them ineligible for sale. This includes listings with abnormal statuses (e.g. banned, reviewing).

  1. Please click here to learn more about listing violations
  2. You can continue selling or advertising your listings after the listing issues have been resolved

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