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Preparing for Peak Shopping Periods with Ads

Preparing for Peak Shopping Periods with Ads

Shopee experiences a surge of customers and sales leading to and during peak periods such as:

  1. Big campaigns like 9.9, 11.11 and 12.12
  2. Holidays such as the Lunar New Year, Hari Raya and Christmas

Use ads to support your goals of increasing exposure or growing sales. 

When do I start preparing for peak shopping periods? 

If you are not running ads regularly, start advertising at least 2 weeks before peak shopping periods.

  1. Starting early allows you to reach many shoppers who have started shopping in anticipation of the big festive holiday seasons
  2. You can then use the ads performance data to optimise your ads before hitting the peak shopping period. Read the articles below for ad optimisation tips:

a.Optimising Search Ads for Your Products

b.How to Use Discovery Ads Right

c.Optimising Search Ads for Your Shop

How do I easily set up ads for peak shopping periods?

Use Search Ads and select up to 50 products at one time, then choose Auto-Selected Keywords where Shopee chooses the keywords, bid prices and optimises them for you. 


  1. Use Auto-Selected Keywords if you're new to ads, or if you want to scale up your ads without the hassle of manually managing your ads
  2. After publishing your Product Search Ads, a pop up will appear where you can set up Discovery Ads for the same products by clicking "Publish Discovery Ads" 

On Seller Centre via browser

On App

How do I budget for my ads during peak shopping periods?

If you usually set a budget for your ads, increase your advertising budget by at least 50% to accommodate higher ad click volumes. On peak sales days like 9.9 and 11.11, you may want to increase it by 200%. On those days, monitor how fast your budget runs out and increase your budget if needed.

Alternatively, switch your budget to "No Limit" if you want your ads to always show. With this budget setting, we recommend that you also turn on auto top-up to ensure that your ads will not get turned off due to low ads credit. For more information, read Top Up Your Ads Credit

Do I need to bid differently during peak shopping periods?

If there is a time to bid higher, it's during the peak shopping periods. During these periods, shoppers are more likely to purchase your products. For example, conversion rate for ads typically increase 2-3x during 9.9 Sale. Higher bids, especially for your best-selling products, will get you more exposure and sales.

For Product Search Ads:

  1. Use Auto-Selected Keywords that automatically adjust bid prices for you during peak shopping periods
  2. Allow Shopee to automatically optimise manually set bid prices on campaign days, ensuring that your Product Search Ads and Discovery Ads remain competitive and will continue to be displayed throughout the day
  3. Go to Shop Level Settings

2. Click "Turn On" for "Campaign Day Bid Price Optimisation" Setting

  1. For more information on this setting click here

How can I successfully bring in more sales with my ads? 

If your advertising goal is to increase sales, follow the tips below to maximise your ad conversion. 

1.Optimise your product page 

Improve your product detail pages to maximise ad conversion. Read the articles below for tips:

a.Improve your product's images and description

b.Improve your product's naming and category

2.Improve your shop page 

If you're using Shop Search Ads, showcase your best-selling products prominently in your shop page using high-quality and relevant images.

3.Keep price competitive

Check and update the prices of your products to make sure they are competitive.

4.Stay in stock 

Stock up your bestsellers as well as popular seasonal items to accommodate the increased demand during peak shopping periods. For example, during the Christmas season, clothing items in red, green or white tend to sell better. If you're a fashion shop, make sure you increase stocks of these items. 

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